After the high tech gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox came into play, we prefer to play fewer games like Corruption of Champions. Now, What Corruption of Champions games are like? These are text-based flash games based on browser and limited OS support but unfortunately, are out of the league now. Furthermore, we rarely come across games like these and another reason being that lewd games are hard to discover.

I know it’s not that easy to find games like Corruption of Champions that promote the erotic fantasy plus action-based adventure. But here Vinitha wrote games like Corruption of Champions on that will give you almost the same feeling. The gameplay remains a text-based flash game where you live in a village as an ordinary person.

Every year the village chooses its hero that fights against demons and evil power and this year it’s you. So to save your village from any kind of bad factors like the disappearance of children, destroyed food, disease you have to take the role of hero. Now, let’s know more what these alternatives offer.

Carnal souls Download for PC

Do you love Corruption of champions? Then “Carnal souls” best alternative of this amazing game. It has an anti-tank weapon system and more of the sexual content just like Corruption of Champion. One-liner theme of the game is that you have to find special places. While searching for new places you may have a fight with your enemies. For survival, you should beat your opposition very cruelly.

Bottom line is, regardless of the sexy material there is also fighting between player and armed person. This will remember you the “withcher series”. It copy almost all features of RPGs. There are a lot of ways to ruin the demons and to move forward.

Flexible Survival for IOS, ANDROID& PC

Flexible Survival a wonderful game is one the best alternative of Corruption of champion. A developer of the game was ‘NUKU Valente’. The main story behind the game is the adventures occurred in 2008. Bottom line is that: game begins where a virus rash due to that world ends. The main task of the layer is that he has to keep himself safe, before the arrival of the army. “Stunning graphics, fighting series” are main features of the game. The main edge of this is that it is useful for IOS, ANDROID&PC.

Trials in Tainted Space

Trials in Tainted Space, a similar game to Corruption of Champions and also developed by the same company called Fenoxo and team as CoC. Also, this is the most played text-based RPG game after CoC.
TITS is popularly known for its erotic and sexy content like CoC. In this, you can easily customize and thus provides more power than our top spot holder the Kingdom of Loathing. Its gameplay is all about the adventure and exploration and finding new characters in the game while you explore. The whole game is based on interaction and sex. The game begins with a left wrecked ship left by his/her father and sets out to gain more money and power in the world. The whole scenario of the game is to keep the play high on lust by maintaining the balance of both exotic and erotic stuff. Trials and Tainted Space is the game full of passion and sex and for the users looking for the game similar to CoC.