A Solar power bank employs solar energy to produce electricity. This electricity can be used for different electrical devices and to charge batteries. Most of them are generally portable and can supply up to 48 volts and 4000-ampere hours. This is an article about Best Solar Power Banks in 2019, how they work, the benefits and the various types.

In Brief, Solar energy is the electrical power that is derived from sunlight. The conversion of this power can either be directly using photovoltaics or indirectly through a concentrated solar panel system. These solar panel systems make use of lenses or mirrors to focus sunlight on a small beam.

When we talk of solar power charger, the name says it all; it is a battery storage unit of power that derives its energy directly from sunlight. They can be very useful during trips or when there are power shortages. They are becoming popular as each day goes by as more smart devices are being invented and they need more power to work and last for a day. Generally, the power banks act as a backup.

Hiluckey 24000mAh Solar Power Bank

Hiluckey is a high-tech company that focuses on promoting multiple solar products & reviews By Solarflower.org such as solar chargers, LED flashlights, pumps and much more.

On this occasion, the Hiluckey portable solar charger and 24000mAh power bank offer an efficient solution of the size of a smartphone that can easily fit into your pocket. When unfolding the product, you will have three solar panels available to charge your power bank much faster than other models.

The solar power bank has a 24,000mAh battery capacity based on high-efficiency lithium polymer technology. This allows the power bank to charge your phone and other electronic devices as well.

Actually, you may be able to charge your iPhone and Samsung between 8-10 times, while you also have the ability to charge your iPad and Kindle up to 4 times as well. This makes it an attractive solar power bank for the iPhone.

Another interesting feature is that this product has waterproof protection on its dual USB ports that offer a 2.1 A high charging speed on both USB ports. Moreover, the device is integrated with overcurrent, overvoltage, and short circuit protection which adds a remarkable value to the product.

Besides, the Hiluckey 24000mAh power bank has 9 built-in LED lights that work on three modes: Steady, SOS and stroboscopic as well. All of these features turn this power bank into a reliable and useful gadget for camping, hiking, long family trips.

Solar Charger, Friengood Portable 25000mAh Solar Power Bank

This is the solar power bank which you will get ease with it while using it. It will give you the necessary and appropriate service you need for your devices. With its awesome features, you will enjoy the following characteristics;

  • Highly portable and durable enhanced by the outer case which is of a durable ABS that is water and dust resistant.
  • This, therefore, makes it very durable.
  • It, in addition, contains an attached hook to hang on your backpack on your travels.
  • It has an LED flashlight that can be used as a torch in darkness and with an addition of 4 LED indicators to show the power status of the power bank.
  • Has a dual 2 USB output ports for charging two devices at the same time.
  • High capacity such that it can charge more than 7 times your device as it is 25000 mAh.

Portable Charger 24000mAh Solar Power Bank

If travels are your daily routine, then this will be in no doubt your choice. You will enjoy the following;

  • Triple USB output for 3 devices charge.
  • High capacity of 24000mAh for multiple charging for long hours.
  • 2 inputs for recharging to enable the use of any cable used in recharging.
  • Durability as it is water, shock and dust resistant.